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Vishay Semiconductors
2N5196 Monolithic N-Channel JFET Duals

The 2N5196/5197/5198/5199 JFET duals are designed for high-performance differential amplification for a wide range of precision test instrumentation applications. This series

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2N5196 PDF
2N5196 Dual N-Channel JFET General Purpose Amplifier

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2N5196 PDF
2N5196 N-Channel Dual Silicon Junction Field-Effect Transistor

• Differencial Inputs

Absolute maximum ratings at                             TA = 25°C
  Reverse Gate Source & Gate Drain Voltage       -50V
  Continuous Forward Gate Current                    50

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2N5196 PDF
New Jersey Semiconductor
2N5196 monolithic dual n-channel JFETs

monolithic dual n-channel JFETs designed for.....

■ Differential Amplifiers
■ FET Input Op Amps

● Minimum System Error and Calibration 5mV Maximum Offset(2N196, 97)
● Low Drift 5μV/°C Maximum (2N5196)
● Simplifies Amplifier Design Low Output Conductance

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2N5196 PDF


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