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Vishay Semiconductors
1.5KE100A-E3 TVS Diodes - Transient Voltage Suppressors 1.5KW,100V 5%,UNIDIR,AXIAL TVS 1.5KE100A-E3 PDF
Vishay Semiconductors
1.5KE100A-E3/54 TRANSZORB® Transient Voltage Suppressors

• Glass passivated chip junction
• Available in uni-directional and bi-directional
• 1500 W peak pulse power capability with a 10/1000 μs waveform, repetitive rate (duty cycle): 0.01 %
• Excellent clamping capability
• Very fast response time
• Low incremental surge resistance
• AEC-Q101 qualified
• Solder dip 275 °C max. 10 s, per JESD 22-B106
• Material categorization: For definitions of compliance please see

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1.5KE100A-E3/54 PDF
Diodes Incorporated.
1.5KE100A-E3/51 TVS DIODE 85.5VWM 137VC AXIAL 1.5KE100A-E3/51 PDF
1.5KE100A-E3/73 TVS DIODE 85.5VWM 137VC 1.5KE 1.5KE100A-E3/73 PDF
1.5KE100A-E3/54 TVS DIODE 85.5VWM 137VC 1.5KE 1.5KE100A-E3/54 PDF


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