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Z86E06 Datasheet PDF : Z86E06 pdf   
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The Z86E03/E06 are One-Time Programmable (OTP) members of the Z8® microcontroller family allowing easy software development, debug, and prototyping for small production runs that are not economically desirable with a masked ROM version.
Three address spaces, the Program Memory, Register File, and Expanded Register File (ERF), support a wide range of memory configurations. Through the ERF, the designer has access to four additional control registers that provide extra peripheral devices, I/O ports, register addresses, an SPI receive buffer and SPI compare register.
For applications demanding powerful I/O capabilities, the Z86E03/E06s dedicated input and output lines are grouped into two ports, and are configurable under software control to provide timing, status signals, or parallel I/O.

■ 18-Pin DIP, WIN, and SOIC Packages
■ 4.5- to 5.5-Volt Operating Range
■ 0°C to +70°C Temperature Range
■ Low-Power Consumption
■ Expanded Register File (ERF)
■ 14 Input/Output Lines
■ Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) (Z86E06 Only)
■ Software Watch-Dog Timer (WDT)
■ Power-On Reset (POR)

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