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W49V002AP Datasheet PDF : W49V002AP pdf   
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The W49V002A is a 2 -megabit, 3.3-volt only CMOS flash memory organized as 256K x  8 bits. The device can be programmed and erased in-system with a standard 3.3V power supply. A 12-volt V PP is not required. The unique cell architecture ofthe W49V002A results in fast program/erase operations with extremely low current consumption.

·Single 3.3-volt operations:
   -  3.3-volt Read
   -  3.3-volt Erase
   -  3.3-volt Program
·  Fast Program operation:
   -  Byte-by-Byte programming: 50  mS (typ.)
·  Fast Erase operation: 150 mS (typ.)
·  Endurance: 10K cycles (typ.)
·  Twenty-year data retention
·  Hardware data protection
   -#TBL & #WP serve as hardware protection
·  One 16K bytes Boot Block with lockout protection
·  Two 8K bytes Parameter Blocks
·  Four Main Memory Blocks (with 32K bytes, 64K  bytes, 64K bytes, 64K bytes each)
·  Lowpower consumption
   -  Active current: 25 mA (typ.)
   -  Standby current: 20  mA (typ.)
·  Automatic program and erase timing with internal VPP generation
·  End of program or erase detection
   -  Toggle bit
   -  Data polling
·  Latched address and data
·  TTL compatible I/O
·  Available packages: 32L PLCC and 32L STSOP

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