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Part NumberUT62L1024BS-55LI Utron
Utron Technology Inc 
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UT62L1024BS-55LI Datasheet PDF : UT62L1024BS-55LI pdf   
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The UT62L1024(I) is a 1,048,576-bit low power CMOS static random access memory organized as 131,072 words by 8 bits. It is fabricated using high performance, high reliability CMOS technology.
■ Fast access time : 55/70ns
■ CMOS low power operation
    Operating current : 20/18/15mA (TYP.)
    Standby current : 20 uA(TYP.) L -version
                                2 uA(TYP.) LL-version
■ Single 2.5V~3.6V power supply
■ Operating temperature:
    Industrial : -40℃~85℃
■ All TTL compatible inputs and outputs
■ Fully static operation
■ Three state outputs
■ Data retention voltage: 1.5V (min)
■ Package : 32-pin 450mil SOP
                    32-pin 8mm x 20mm TSOP-Ⅰ
                    32-pin 8mm x 13.4mm STSOP
                    36-pin 6mm × 8mm TFBGA


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