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K1100BACE Datasheet PDF - Unspecified2

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
K1100BACE 14 pin DIP, 5.0 Volt, Clock Oscillator Unspecified2
Other PDF  no available.
K1100BACE Datasheet PDF : K1100BACE pdf   
K1150BA image


4-pin Package, Compatible with 14-pin DIL
1.0MHz to 70MHz Frequency Rang
HCMOS Circuit, TTL/CMOS Comp Tight Symmetry (45/55%) Available
Tri-State Option Available
±100ppm Stability Standard
  Tighter Stabilities Available
±10ppm Stability:- K1110BA
±25ppm Stability:- K1125BA
±50ppm Stability:- K1150BA

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