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LP339-N Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

Part NumberLP339-N Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
DescriptionUltra-Low Power Quad Comparator
LP339-N Datasheet PDF : LP339-N pdf   
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General Description
The LP339 consists of four independent voltage comparators designed specifically to operate from a single power supply and draw typically 60 µA of power supply drain current over a wide range of power supply voltages. Operation from split supplies is also possible and the ultra-low power supply drain current is independent of the power supply voltage. These comparators also feature a common-mode range which includes ground, even when operated from a single supply.
Applications include limit comparators, simple analog-to-digital converters, pulse, square and time delay generators; VCO’s; multivibrators; high voltage logic gates. The LP339 was specifically designed to interface with the CMOS logic family. The ultra-low supply current makes the LP339 valuable in battery powered applications.

■ Ultra-low power supply current drain
   (60 µA)— independent of the supply voltage
   (75 µW/comparator at +5 VDC)
■ Low input biasing current: 3 nA
■ Low input offset current: ±0.5 nA
■ Low input offset voltage: ±2 mV
■ Input common-mode voltage includes ground
■ Output voltage compatible with MOS and CMOS logic
■ High output sink current capability (30 mA at VO=2 VDC)
■ Supply Input protected against reverse voltages

■ Ultra-low power supply drain suitable for battery applications
■ Single supply operation
■ Sensing at ground
■ Compatible with CMOS logic family
■ Pin-out identical to LM339

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