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TC500A Datasheet PDF : TC500A pdf   
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The TC500/500A/510/514 family are precision analog front ends that implement dual slope A/D converters having a maximum resolution of 17 bits plus sign. As a minimum, each device contains the integrator, zero crossing comparator and processor interface logic. The TC500 is the base (16 bit max) device and requires both positive and negative power supplies. The TC500A is identical to the TC500, except it has improved linearity allowing it to operate to a maximum resolution of 17 bits. The TC510 adds an on board negative power supply converter for single supply operation. The TC514 adds both a negative power supply converter and a 4 input differential analog multiplexer.

■ Precision (up to 17 Bits) A/D Converter "Front End"
■ 3-Pin Control Interface to Microprocessor
■ Flexible: User Can Trade-Off Conversion Speed for Resolution
■ Single Supply Operation (TC510/514)
■ 4 Input, Differential Analog MUX (TC514)
■ Automatic Input Voltage Polarity Detection
■ Low Power Dissipation ........... TC500/500A: 10mW
                                          TC510/514: 18mW
■ Wide Analog Input Range ....... ±4.2V (TC500A/510)
■ Directly Accepts Bipolar and Differential Input Signals


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