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Part NumberQ2008RH4 Teccor-Electronics
Teccor Electronics 
DescriptionAlternistor Triacs (6 A to 40 A)
Q2008RH4 Datasheet PDF : Q2008RH4 pdf   
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General Description
Teccor offers bidirectional alternistors with current ratings from 6 A to 40 A and voltages from 200 V to 1000 V as part of Teccors broad line of thyristors. Teccors alternistor is specifically designed for applications that switch highly inductive loads. A special chip offers the same performance as two thyristors (SCRs) wired inverse parallel (back-to-back), providing better turn-off behavior than a standard triac. An alternistor may be triggered from a blocking to conduction state for either polarity of applied AC voltage with operating modes in Quadrants I, II, and III.
• High surge current capability
• Glass-passivated junctions
• 2500 V ac isolation for L, J, and K Packages
• High commutating dv/dt
• High static dv/dt

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