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The THS8135 is a general-purpose triple high-speed D/A converter optimized for use in video/graphics applications. The device operates from 3.3-V analog and 1.8-V digital supplies. The THS8135 performance is assured at a sampling rate up to 240 MSPS. The THS8135 consists of three 10-bit D/A converters and additional circuitry for bi-level/tri-level sync and blanking level generation. By providing a dc offset for the lowest video amplitude output in video DAC mode, the device can insert a (negative) bi-level or (negative/positive) tri-level sync on either only the green/luminance (sync-on-green/sync-on-Y) channel or on all channels for video applications. A generic DAC mode avoids this dc offset, making this device suitable for non-video applications as well.
The THS8135 is a footprint-compatible functional upgrade to the THS8133. In addition, the THS8135 allows a higher update rate for oversampled video digitizing for all PC graphics formats up to UXGA (1600x1200) resolution at 85 Hz and all practical digital TV formats including HDTV. The support for oversampling significantly reduces the complexity of the analog reconstruction filter required behind the DAC.

• Triple 10-Bit D/A Converters
• 240-MSPS Operation
• YPbPr/RGB Configurable Blanking Levels, Correctly Positioned for Either Full (0-1023) or Video (ITU-R.BT601) Compliant Input Code Ranges
• Generic Triple DAC Mode for Non-Video Applications
• Direct Drive of Double-Terminated 75-Ω Load Into Standard Video Levels
• 3x10 Bit 4:4:4, 2x10 Bit 4:2:2 or 1x10 Bit 4:2:2 (ITU-R.BT656) Multiplexed YCbCr/GBR Input Data Formats
• Bi-Level (EIA) or Tri-Level (SMPTE) Sync Generation
• Integrated Sync-On-Green/Luminance or Sync On-All Composite Sync Insertion
• Internal Voltage Reference
• Low-Power Operation From 3.3-V Analog and 1.8-V Digital Suply Levels

• High-Definition Television (HDTV) Set-Top Boxes/Receivers/Displays
• High-Resolution Image Processing


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