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O2333A 1.8-V, microPower, CMOS Operational Amplifiers, Zero-Drift Series TI
Texas Instruments TI
O2333A Datasheet PDF : O2333A pdf   
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The OPAx333 series of CMOS operational amplifiers use a proprietary auto-calibration technique to simultaneously provide very low offset voltage (10 μV, maximum) and near-zero drift over time and temperature. These miniature, high-precision, low quiescent current amplifiers offer high-impedance inputs that have a common-mode range 100 mV beyond the rails, and rail-to-rail output that swings within 50 mV of the rails. Single or dual supplies as low as 1.8 V (±0.9 V) and up to 5.5 V (±2.75 V) can be used. These devices are optimized for low-voltage, single-supply operation.
The OPAx333 family offers excellent CMRR without the crossover associated with traditional complementary input stages. This design results in superior performance for driving analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) without degradation of differential linearity.
The OPA333 (single version) is available in the 5-pin SOT-23, SOT, and 8-pin SOIC packages, while the OPA2333 (dual version) is available in the 8-pin VSON, SOIC, and VSSOP packages. All versions are specified for operation from –40°C to 125°C.

• Low Offset Voltage: 10 μV (Maximum)
• Zero Drift: 0.05 μV/°C (Maximum)
• 0.01-Hz to 10-Hz Noise: 1.1 μVPP
• Quiescent Current: 17 μA
• Single-Supply Operation
• Supply Voltage: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
• Rail-to-Rail Input/Output
• microSize Packages: SC70 and SOT23

• Transducers
• Temperature Measurements
• Electronic Scales
• Medical Instrumentation
• Battery-Powered Instruments
• Handheld Test Equipment

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