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MSP430FR2512 Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

Part NumberMSP430FR2512 TI
Texas Instruments TI
DescriptionCapacitive Touch Sensing Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers
MSP430FR2512 Datasheet PDF :   MSP430FR2512 pdf   
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The MSP430FR25x2 is a family of ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontrollers (MCUs) for capacitive touch sensing that feature CapTIvate™ touch technology for cost-sensitive applications featuring 1 to 16 capacitive buttons or proximity sensing. The MSP430FR25x2 MCUs offer value and performance for industrial applications exposed to electromagnetic disturbances, oil, water, and grease. The devices offer IEC-certified solutions with 5x lower power consumption than competition and support proximity sensing as well as touch through glass, plastic, and metal overlays.

• CapTIvate™ Technology – Capacitive Touch
   – Performance
      – Fast Electrode Scanning With Two Simultaneous Scans
      – 15-cm Proximity Sensing
   – Reliability
      – Increased Immunity to Power Line, RF, and Other Environmental Noise
      – Built-in Spread Spectrum, Automatic Tuning, Noise Filtering, and Debouncing Algorithms
      – Enables Reliable Touch Solutions With 10-V RMS Common-Mode Noise, 4-kV Electrical Fast Transients, and 15-kV Electrostatic Discharge, Allowing for IEC‑61000-4-6, IEC- 61000-4-4, and IEC‑61000-4-2 Compliance
      – Reduced RF Emissions to Simplify Electrical Designs
      – Support for Metal Touch and Water Rejection Designs
   – Flexibility
      – Up to 8 Self-Capacitance and 16 Mutual Capacitance Electrodes
      – Mix and Match Self- and Mutual-Capacitive Electrodes in the Same Design
      – Supports Multi-Touch Functionality
      – Wide Range of Capacitance Detection, Wide Electrode Range of 0 to 300 pF
   – Low Power
      – <4-µA Wake on Touch With Two Sensors
      – Wake-on-Touch State Machine Allows Electrode Scanning While CPU is Asleep
      – Hardware Acceleration for Environmental Compensation, Filtering, and Threshold Detection
   – Ease of Use
      – CapTIvate Design Center, PC GUI Lets Engineers Design and Tune Capacitive Buttons in Real Time Without Having to Write Code
      – CapTIvate Software Library in ROM Provides Ample FRAM for Customer Application
• Embedded Microcontroller
   – 16-Bit RISC Architecture
   – Clock Supports Frequencies up to 16 MHz
   – Wide Supply Voltage Range: 2.0 V to 3.6 V (1)
• Optimized Ultra-Low-Power Modes
   – Active Mode: 120 µA/MHz (Typical)
   – Standby: <4 µA Wake-on-Touch With Two Sensors
   – Shutdown (LPM4.5): 36 nA without SVS
• Low-Power Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM)
   – Up to 7.5 KB of Nonvolatile Memory
   – Built-In Error Correction Code (ECC)
   – Configurable Write Protection
   – Unified Memory of Program, Constants, and Storage
   – 1015 Write Cycle Endurance
   – Radiation Resistant and Nonmagnetic
   – High FRAM-to-SRAM Ratio, up to 4:1

• Electronic Smart Locks, Door Keypads, and Readers
• Garage Door Systems
• Intrusion HMI Keypads and Control Panels
• Elevator Call Buttons
• Personal Electronics
• Wireless Speakers and Headsets
• A/V Receivers
• Appliances
• Power Tools
• Light Switches
• Video Doorbells


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