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BQ2111L Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

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BQ2111L NiCd Gas Gauge Module with LEDs for High Discharge Rates TI
Texas Instruments TI
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BQ2111L Datasheet PDF : BQ2111L pdf   
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General Description
The bq2111L Gas Gauge Module provides a complete and compact solution for capacity monitoring of NiCd battery packs in high discharge rate applications such as power tools. Designed for battery pack integration, the bq2111L incorporates a bq2011 Gas Gauge IC, five surface-mounted LEDs, and the other discrete components necessary to monitor and display accurately the capacity of 4- to 12-series cells. The only external component required is a low-value sense resistor connected be tween GND and PACK-. Contacts are also provided on the bq2111L for direct connection to the battery stack and the serial communications port (DQ). The battery stack should be connected between BAT+ and GND. Please refer to the bq2011 data sheet for the specifics on the operation of the Gas Gauge.
Unitrode configures the bq2111L based on the information requested in Table 1. The configuration defines the number of series cells and the nominal battery pack capacity. The bq211L module uses the absolute LED display to indicate battery capacity. In this mode, the remaining capacity is represented as a percentage of the programmed capacity.
The bq2111L can operate directly from four series cells within the pack using the LBAT+ supply input. For four series cell applications or applications using the on board regulator, LBAT+ should be connected to BAT+.
Please refer to Figure 1 for module connection illustrations.

► Complete bq2011 Gas Gauge solution for NiCd
   packs in high discharge rate applications
► Five surface-mounted LEDs to display
   state-of-charge information
► Battery state-of-charge monitoring for 4- to 12-cell
   series applications
► On-board regulator allows direct connection to the
► Battery information available over a single-wire
   bidirectional serial port
► Nominal capacity pre-configured
► Compact size for battery pack integration

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