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The ADC0808M is a monolithic CMOS device with an 8-channel multiplexer, an 8-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, and microprocessor-compatible control logic. The 8-channel multiplexer can be controlled by a microprocessor through a 3-bit address decoder with address load to select any one of eight single-ended analog switches connected directly to the comparator. The 8-bit A/D converter uses the successive-approximation conversion technique featuring a high-impedance threshold detector, a switched capacitor array, a sample-and-hold, and a successive- approxima tion register (SAR). Detailed information on interfacing to most popular microprocessors is readily available from the factory.

• Total Unadjusted Error . . . ± 0.75 LSB Max
• Resolution of 8 Bits
• 100-µs Conversion Time
• Ratiometric Conversion
• Monotonous Over the Entire A/D Conversion Range
• No Missing Codes
• Easy interface With Microprocessors
• Latched 3-State Outputs
• Latched Address Inputs
• Single 5-V Supply
• Low Power Consumption
• Designed to Be Interchangeable With National Semiconductor ADC0808CJ


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