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ICX084 Diagonal 6mm (Type 1/3) Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
ICX084 Datasheet PDF : ICX084 pdf   
ICX084 image

The ICX084AK is a diagonal 6mm (Type 1/3) interline CCD solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array which supports VGA format. Progressive scan allows all pixels signals to be output independently within approximately 1/30 second.

• Progressive scan allows individual readout of the image signals from all pixels.
• High vertical resolution (480TV-lines) still image without a mechanical shutter.
• Square pixel unit cell
• Supports VGA format
• Horizontal drive frequency: 12.27MHz
• No voltage adjustments (reset gate and substrate bias are not adjusted.)
• R, G, B primary color mosaic filters on chip
• High resolution, high color reproductivity, high sensitivity, low dark current
• Continuous variable-speed shutter 1/30 (typ.) to 1/10000s
• Low smear
• Excellent antiblooming characteristics
• Horizontal register: 5V drive
• 16-pin high precision plastic package (enables dual surface standard)


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