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CXA1203M/N Datasheet PDF - Sony Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
CXA1203M/N 8mm VCR PAL JOG Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
Other PDF  no available.
CXA1203M/N Datasheet PDF : CXA1203M/N pdf   
CXA1203N image

The CXA1203M/N compensates the color alignment in variable speed mode for PAL-system 8mm VCRs. This IC is also available for the SECAM system with the built-in SECAM detector and BELL and C-BELL filters.

• Color alignment compensation which does not require 1H delay line
• No AFC (fH) adjustment necessary
• Built-in SECAM detector
• Built-in BELL and C-BELL filters
• Available for the PAL-M system

    V-Invert circuit, TH/DL APC, 2fsc PLL, SQ DET, EX burst circuit, AFC (fH), Timing generator, SECAM detector, BELL filter, C-BELL filter


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