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SI4831-B30 Datasheet PDF : SI4831-B30 pdf   
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The Si4831/35-B30 is the 2nd generation mechanical-tuned digital CMOS AM/FM/SW radio receiver IC that integrates the complete receiver function from antenna input to audio output. Like other successful audio products from Silicon Labs, Si4831/35-B30 offers unmatched integration and PCB space savings with minimum external components and a small board area. The Si4831/35-B30 requires a simple application circuit and removes any requirements for manually tuning components during the manufacturing process. The Si4831/35-B30 is a very simple product to design, manufacture, and support across multiple product lines. The receiver has very low power consumption, runs off two AAA batteries, and delivers the performance benefits of digital tuning to the analog radio market.

■ Worldwide FM band support (64–109 MHz)
■ Worldwide AM band support (504–1750 kHz)
■ SW band support (Si4835 only) (5.6–22 MHz)
■ Excellent real-world performance
■ EN55020-compliant
■ No manual alignment necessary
■ Flexible band selections
■ Automatic frequency control (AFC)
■ Integrated LDO regulator
■ 2.0 to 3.6 V supply voltage
■ Wide range of ferrite loop sticks and air loop antennas supported
■ 24-pin SSOP
■ RoHS-compliant
■ Supports station and stereo LED indicators
■ Direct volume control
■ Bass and treble tone control

■ Table and portable radios
■ Stereos
■ Mini/micro systems
■ CD/DVD players
■ Boom boxes
■ Modules
■ Clock radios
■ Mini HiFi
■ Entertainment systems

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