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Part NumberST7263BD6 ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
DescriptionLow speed USB 8-bit MCU family with up to 32 KB Flash/ROM, DFU capability, 8-bit ADC, WDG, timer, SCI and I²C
ST7263BD6 Datasheet PDF : ST7263BD6 pdf   
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■ Memories
– 4, 8, 16 or 32 Kbytes Program memory: high density Flash (HDFlash), or ROM with Readout and Write Protection
– In-application Programming (IAP) and in circuit programming (ICP)
– 384, 512 or 1024 bytes RAM memory (128-byte stack)
■ Clock, reset and supply management
– Run, Wait, Slow and Halt CPU modes
– 12 or 24 MHz oscillator
– RAM retention mode
– Optional low voltage detector (LVD)
■ Universal serial bus (USB) interface
– DMA for low speed applications compliant with USB 1.5 Mbs (version 2.0) and HID specifications (version 1.0)
– Integrated 3.3 V voltage regulator and transceivers
– Supports USB DFU class specification
– Suspend and Resume operations
– 3 endpoints with programmable In/Out
■ Up to 27 I/O ports
– Up to 8 high sink I/Os (10 mA at 1.3 V)
– 2 very high sink true open drain I/Os (25 mA at 1.5 V)
– Up to 8 lines individually programmable as interrupt inputs
■ 1 analog peripheral
– 8-bit A/D converter with 8 or 12 channels
■ 2 timers
– Programmable watchdog
– 16-bit timer with 2 input Captures, 2 output Compares, PWM output and clock input
■ 2 communication Interfaces
– Asynchronous serial communications interface
– I²C multimaster interface up to 400 kHz
■ Instruction set
– 63 basic instructions
– 17 main addressing modes
– 8 x 8 unsigned multiply instruction
– True bit manipulation
■ Development tools
– Versatile development tools (under Windows) including assembler, linker, C compiler, archiver, source level debugger, software library, hardware emulator, programming boards and gang programmers, HID and DFU software layers


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