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SMP100MC-320 Datasheet PDF : SMP100MC-320 pdf   
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The SMP100MC is a series of micro capacitance transient surge arrestors designed for the protection of high debit rate communication equipment. Its micro capacitance avoids any distortion of the signal and is compatible with digital transmission line cards (ADSL, VDSL, ISDN...). Compatible with Cooper Bussmann fuse: TCP 1.25A.

■ Bidirectional crowbar protection
■ Voltage: range from 120V to 270V
■ Low VBO/ VRratio
■ Micro capacitance from 20pF to 30pF @ 50V
■ Low leakage current : IR= 2µA max
■ Holding current: IH= 150 mA min
■ Repetitive peak pulse current : IPP= 100 A (10/1000µs)

Any sensitive equipment requiring protection against lightning strikes and power crossing. These devices are dedicated to central office protection as they comply with the most stressfull standards.Their Micro Capacitance make them suitable for ADSL2+ and low end VDSL.

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