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GS120T48-3.3 120W/175W DC-DC CONVERTERS FAMILY ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
GS120T48-3.3 Datasheet PDF : GS120T48-3.3 pdf   
GS120T48-3.3E image

The GS120/175T48family includes120/175WDC-DC converters used to generate fixed isolated output voltages with an output current up to 35A from a wide range input voltage (38 to 60V).
The suffix E Identifies the metric threading on the planar heatsink (see fig. 1).

■ UL, CSA, TUV approved
■ High output power (up to 175W)
■ High efficiency (82% typ. on GS175T48-5 module)
■ Parallel operation with equal current sharing
■ Synchronizationpin
■ Remote ON/OFF
■ Remote load voltage sense compensation
■ Output short-circuit protection
■ Undervoltage lock-out
■ Minimal overshoot during load transients
■ Output overvoltage protection
■ 500VDC input to output isolation voltage
■ Internal input and output filtering
■ Softstart
■ PCB or chassis mountable
■ Optional additional finned heatsink
■ Mechanical dimensions 125 • 66,5 • 19 (4,92 • 2,62 • 0,75)

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