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E-TDA7590TR Digital signal processing IC for speech and audio applications ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
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E-TDA7590TR Datasheet PDF : E-TDA7590TR pdf   
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The TDA7590 is a high performances, fully programmable 24-bit, 120 MIPS. Digital Signal Processor (DSP), designed to support several speech and audio applications, as Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, MP3 Decoding, Echo and Noise Cancellation.
Nevertheless, the embedded CODECs bandwidth and the generic processing engine allow to proceed also full-band audio signals. The large amount of on-chip memory (128 Kwords), together with the 16 Mwords external memory addressable and the 32 general purpose I/O pins permit to build a DSP-system avoiding the usage of an additional Microcontroller.
The presence of serial and parallel interfaces allows easy connection with external devices including CODECs, DSPs, Microprocessors and Personal Computers.

■ 24-bit, fixed point, 120 MIPS DSP core
■ Large on-board memory (128KW-24 bit)
■ Host access to internal RAM through expansion port
■ Access to external RAM (16Mw) through expansion port
■ Integrated stereo, 18-bit Sigma-DELTA A/D and 20-bit D/A converters
■ Programmable CODEC sample rate up to 48KHz
■ On-board PLL for core clock and converters
■ External flash / SRAM memory bank management
■ I2C and SCI serial interface for external control
■ 2 ESSI interface
■ JTAG interface
■ Host interface
■ 144-pin TQFP, 0.50mm pitch
■ Automotive temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C)

  Real time digital speech and audio processing: speech recognition, speech synthesis, speech compression, echo canceling, noise canceling, MP3 decoding.


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