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Part NumberSTK732 SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic SANYO
Description15 V Single Output MOS Chopper Regulator
STK732 Datasheet PDF : STK732 pdf   
STK732C image

The STK732C is a chopper type step-down dedicated 15 V single output regulator that uses a power MOSFET as its switching element. The STK732C covers the 2 A and higher current regions, regions that are difficult to handle with three terminal step-down regulators. As compared with earlier chopper regulator products that used bipolar transistors, the efficiency of the STK732C
has been further improved by the adoption of MOSFET technology, and use of the STK732C enables further miniaturization and increased performance in the end product since it corresponds to the adoption of a dedicated switching controller IC.

• IMST substrate (insulated metal substrate technology)
• High efficiency realized by the adoption of MOSFET technology.
• An auxiliary drive power supply is no longer required due to the development of a unique NMOS FET drive circuit. This means that the STK732C can be used with a single power supply, thus allowing simplification of the input system.
• Built-in reverse going linear overload characteristic curve overcurrent protection circuit
• Ground line handling is eased even in multi-output power supply structures due to placement of the overcurrent detection resistor on the plus line.
• The STK732C’s separate excitation oscillator structure provides high stability in the switching
• A built-in cutoff function allows an external signal to switch the output on and off.
• The STK732C’s switching operating frequency is set at 85 kHz, which minimizes beating when used in a multiple output structure with STK730 type (5 V output, 125 kHz) products.

• Power supplies in printers and other office equipment
• Power supplies in robots and other factory automation related equipment
• Power supplies in VCRs and other consumer products
• Secondary side regulators in switching power supplies


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