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LB11693JH Datasheet PDF - SANYO -> Panasonic

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LB11693JH 24V Fan Motor Driver IC SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic SANYO
LB11693JH Datasheet PDF : LB11693JH pdf   
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The LB11693JH is a three-phase brushless motor driver IC that uses a direct PWM drive technique to achieve highly efficient drive. It is optimal for driving fuel pump motors and other miniature motors.

• Soft phase switching + Direct PWM drive
• PWM control based on both a DC voltage input (the CTL voltage) and a pulse input
• Provides a 5V regulator output
• One Hall-effect sensor FG output
• Built-in integrating amplifier
• Automatic recovery constraint protection circuit (on/off = 1/14), RD output
• Built-in current limiter circuit
• Built-in LVSD circuit
• Built-in thermal protection circuit

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