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Part NumberLB11691H SANYO
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DescriptionMonolithic digital IC Pre-Driver IC for Brushless Motor Drive in Electric Bicycles
LB11691H Datasheet PDF : LB11691H pdf   
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The LB11691H are three-phase bipolar PWM drive pre-driver ICs that allow the output circuits to be implemented using only n-channel FETs. These ICs can implement, at low cost, high-efficiency drive circuits in applications that use motors that require high drive currents. These ICs include a built-in Hall sensor signal F/V conversion circuit and can provide a voltage that is proportional to motor speed for use, for example, in speedometers for electric bicycles. These ICs also support use in applications that holds the speed controlled at a constant rate as the load varies.

• Three-phase bipolar PWM drive (high and low side n-channel FET drive)
• Maximum supply voltage : 45V
• Gate drive voltage : about 10V (high and low side n-channel FETs)
• Hall sensor signal F/V conversion circuit (one-shot multivibrator output)
• Synthesized three-phase Hall sensor signal output
• Built-in current limiter and undervoltage protection circuits


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