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SI-8001FFE Datasheet PDF - Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Part NumberSI-8001FFE SANKEN
Sanken Electric co.,ltd. SANKEN
DescriptionDC-to-DC Step-Down Converter
SI-8001FFE Datasheet PDF : SI-8001FFE pdf   
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The SI-8001FFE DC voltage regulator is a DC-to-DC buck convertor that attains an oscillation frequency of 300 kHz, and has an integrated miniaturized choke coil, allowing it to serve as a small, high efficiency power supply in a compact TO220F package.

Features and Benefits
• 3.5 A output current supplied in a small, through-hole mount power package
• High efficiency: 83% at VIN= 15 V, IO= 2.0 A,VO= 5 V
• Requires only six external components (optional soft start requires an additional capacitor)
• Oscillation circuit built-in (frequency 300 kHz typical)
• Constant-current mode overcurrent protection circuit and overtemperature protection circuit built-in
• Soft start function built-in (can be implemented as an on/off function; output-off state at low level)
• Low current consumption during output-off state

Applications include:
▪ DVD recorder
▪ Telecommunications equipment
▪ Office automation equipment, such as printers
▪ On-board local power supply
▪ Output voltage regulator for second stage of SMPS (switched mode power supply)

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