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RICOH Co.,Ltd. Ricoh
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RB5C396 Datasheet PDF : RB5C396 pdf   
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The RF5C296, the RF5C396L, the RB5C396, and the RF5C396 are enhanced version of the RF5C266 and RF5C366, LSIs functioning as controllers for interfacing IC memory cards, modems, and I/O cards, such as HDDs, to system buses in compliance with the PCMCIA2.1 or JEIDA4.2 Standard. These controller LSIs can be used to configure an ISA bus system which supports PC cards. The RF5C296 supports one PC card slot while the RF5C396L, the RB5C396 and the RF5C396 support two PC card slots. Incorporating a buffer and a transceiver, each of these devices can be directly coupled to the ISA system bus and the PC card slots. The devices are also capable of providing an independent power supply of 3.3V or 5V for each slot interface, system bus, and core logic. Further, they effect substantial space savings through implementation in slimline packages (i.e. the 144pin LQFP for the RF5C296, the 208pin LQFP for the RF5C396L, the 256pin PBGA for the RB5C396 and the 208pin QFP for the RF5C396). Unless otherwise noted, the RF5C396L, the RB5C396 and the RF5C396 are collectively referred to as the RF5C396 in this manual.

• Enhanced version of RF5C266/RF5C366
   · DMA mode support
   · Enhanced power management
   · INPACK# pin support
· Available in thin (t=1.5mm) LQFP and PBGA
• Compliant with PCMCIA2.1/JEIDA4.2
• i82365SL B_Step compatible register set
• Direct connection to PCMCIA2.1/JEID4.2 PC Card slot
• Easy host interface usi
ng ISA I/O addresses 3E0h, 3E1h
• Direct connection to ISA Bus
• Programmable IRQs to level mode or edge trigger mode
• Enhanced Power Management based on socket and window inactivity
• PCMCIA-AT-A Disk interface support
• 8bit cycles follow SBHE# independent of programmed window size
• 5 programmable memory windows per slot
• 2 programmable I/O windows per slot
• 3.3V & 5V Mixed Voltage Operation
• DMA mode Support
· RF5C296 144pin LQFP (t=1.7mm)
· RF5C396L 208pin LQFP (t=1.7mm)
· RB5C396 256pin PBGA (23 ´ 23)
· RF5C396 208pin QFP

• PC (Notebook Type, Pen-based Type and Palm Top Type)
• Docking Station
• Handy Terminal

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