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ISL6208C Datasheet PDF - Renesas Electronics

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ISL6208C High Voltage Synchronous Rectified Buck MOSFET Drivers Renesas
Renesas Electronics Renesas
ISL6208C Datasheet PDF : ISL6208C pdf   
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The ISL6208C is a high frequency, dual MOSFET driver, optimized to drive two N-channel power MOSFETs in a synchronous-rectified buck converter topology. It is especially suited for mobile computing applications that require high efficiency and excellent thermal performance. The driver, combined with an Intersil multiphase buck PWM controller, forms a complete single-stage core-voltage regulator solution for advanced mobile microprocessors.

• Dual MOSFET drives for synchronous rectified bridge
• Adaptive shoot-through protection
• 0.5Ω ON-resistance and 4A sink current capability
• Supports high switching frequency up to 2MHz
    - Fast output rise and fall time
    - Low propagation delay
• Three-state PWM input for power stage shutdown
• Internal bootstrap Schottky diode
• Low bias supply current (5V, 80µA)
• Diode emulation for enhanced light load efficiency and prebiased start-up applications
• VCC POR (Power-On-Reset) feature integrated
• Low three-state shutdown holdoff time (typical 160ns)
• Pin-to-pin compatible with ISL6207
• DFN package
• Pb-free (RoHS compliant)

• Core voltage supplies for Intel™ and AMD™ mobile microprocessors
• High frequency low profile DC/DC converters
• High current low output voltage DC/DC converters
• High input voltage DC/DC converters

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