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HD6437049 Renesas 32-Bit RISC Microcomputer SuperH™ RISC engine Family/SH7000 Series Renesas
Renesas Electronics Renesas
HD6437049 Datasheet PDF : HD6437049 pdf   
SH7047 image

The SH7047 group single-chip RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) microprocessors integrate a Renesas-original RISC CPU core with peripheral functions required for system configuration.
The SH7047 group CPU has a RISC-type instruction set. Most instructions can be executed in one state (one system clock cycle), which greatly improves instruction execution speed. In addition, the 32-bit internal-bus architecture enhances data processing power. With this CPU, it has become possible to assemble low cost, high performance/high-functioning systems, even for applications that were previously impossible with microprocessors, such as real-time control, which demands high speeds.
In addition, the SH7047 group includes on-chip peripheral functions necessary for system configuration, such as large-capacity ROM and RAM, timers, a serial communication interface (SCI), Controller area network 2 (HCAN2), an A/D converter, an interrupt controller (INTC), and I/O ports. ROM and SRAM can be directly connected to the SH7047 MCU by means of an external memory access support function. This greatly reduces system cost.

• Central processing unit with an internal 32-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture
- Instruction length: 16-bit fixed length for improved code efficiency
- Load-store architecture (basic operations are executed between registers)
- Sixteen 32-bit general registers
- Five-stage pipeline
- On-chip multiplier: multiplication operations (32 bits × 32 bits → 64 bits) executed in two to four cycles C language-oriented 62 basic instructions
• Various peripheral functions
- Data transfer controller (DTC)
- Multifunction timer/pulse unit (MTU)
- Motor management timer(MMT)
- Compare match timer (CMT)
- Watchdog timer (WDT)
- Asynchronous or clocked synchronous serial communication interface(SCI)
- 10-bit A/D converter
- Clock pulse generator
- Controller area network2 (HCAN2)
- User break controller (UBC)*
- High-performance user debug interface (H-UDI) *
- Advanced user debugger (AUD)*


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