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LB-602XA2 Double Digits LED Numeric Display ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
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LB-602XA2 Datasheet PDF : LB-602XA2 pdf   
LB-602VK2 image

LB-602 A / K2 series is designed to use in the light.
Materials of emission are GaAsP on GaP, AlGalnP GaP and GaN. This is the height of a letter 14.3mm, double digits LED Numeric Display that is packed by epoxy resin.

1) The height of a letter is 14.3mm.
2) Dimension is 25.0×19.0×8.0mm.
3) The package of surface color is black. Color of segment
is colored in emitting color. (Blue color is only milky white)
4) Each color has anode common and cathode common respectively.


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