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BA3126F 2-channel head switch for radio cassette recorders ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
BA3126F Datasheet PDF : BA3126F pdf   
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The BA3126F and BA3126N are dual-channel tape head switching ICs designed for use in radio cassette players. These ICs are designed to withstand voltages of up to 120VP-PMin., and can handle large-amplitude bias signals during recording. Both devices have two channels, and are ideal for use in radio-cassette players.
The package types are 14-pin SOP for the BA3126F, and 9-pin SIP for the BA3126N.

1) High withstanding voltage (120VP-PMin. at f = 100kHz).
2) Low “on” resistance (P / B SW : 8Ω, REC SW : 5Ω)
3) Low offset voltage (P/B SW : 5.0mV, REC SW : 0.6mV)

Radio-cassette players

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