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RF2418 Datasheet PDF : RF2418 pdf   
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Product Description
The RF2418 is a monolithic integrated UHF receiver front-end. The IC contains all of the required components to implement the RF functions of the receiver except for the passive filtering and LO generation. It contains an LNA (low-noise amplifier), a second RF amplifier, a dual-gate GaAs FET mixer, and an IF output buffer amplifier which will drive a 50Ω load. In addition, the IF buffer amplifier may be disabled and a high impedance output is provided for easy matching to IF filters with high impedances. The output of the LNA is made available as an output to permit the insertion of a bandpass filter between the LNA and the RF/Mixer section. The LNA section may be disabled by removing the VDD1 connection to the IC.

● Single 3V to 6.5V Power Supply
● High Dynamic Range
● Low Current Drain
● High LO Isolation
● LNA Power Down Mode for Large Signals

● UHF Digital and Analog Receivers
● Digital Communication Systems
● Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems
● Commercial and Consumer Systems
● 433MHz and 915MHz ISM Band Receivers
● General Purpose Frequency Conversion

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