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Part NumberTEA1501 Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
DescriptionGreenChip SMPS controller IC
TEA1501 Datasheet PDF : TEA1501 pdf   
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1. General description
The TEA1501 is the low power member of the GreenChip family and is especially designed for standby Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) applications. The TEA1501 incorporates all the necessary functions for an efficient and low cost power supply for 90 V to 276 V AC universal input. The TEA1501 is a monolithic integrated circuit and is available in a SO8 package. The design is made in the BCD_PowerLogic750 process and includes the high voltage switching device. Using only seven functional pins, the TEA1501 contains extensive control functions to form a flexible and a reliable power supply with a minimum of external components. The TEA1501 operates in a flyback topology (see Figure3) with a fixed switching frequency, constant primary peak current control and regulates the output voltage in Burst mode.

2. Features
2.1 Distinctive features
Direct off-line operation (90 V to 276 V AC)
Low external component count
Integrated high voltage start-up current source for a fast start-up within 0.25 s
Integrated power switch: 650 V, 40Ω, 0.25 A
Programmable primary peak current
Data transfer from isolated secondary side to non-isolated primary side via the transformer
On/off function replaces expensive mains switch by a functional switch

2.2 Green features
Low current consumption in Off mode, typical 40µA
Efficient Burst mode operation, for 0.1 W to 3 W output power

2.3 Protection features
Cycle-by-cycle current control with programmable primary peak current
Overvoltage protection
Undervoltage lockout
Overtemperature protection

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