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TEA0678 Dual Dolby* B-type noise reduction circuit, automatic music search, with differential outputs and mute Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
TEA0678 Datasheet PDF : TEA0678 pdf   
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The TEA0678 is a bipolar integrated circuit that provides two channels of Dolby B noise reduction for playback applications in car radios. It includes head and equalization amplifiers with electronically switchable time constants. Furthermore it includes electronically switchable inputs for tape drivers with reverse heads.

• Dual noise reduction (NR) channels
• Head pre-amplifiers
• Reverse head switching
• Automatic Music Search (AMS)
• Mute position
• Equalization with electronically switched time constants
• Dolby reference level = 387.5 mV
• 32 pins
• Switch inputs TTL compatible
• Differential output stage has:
– Capability to drive 1.2 nF capacitive load
– Capability to drive 1 kΩload
– Short-circuit proof
– Short-circuit proof to 16 V via coupling capacitor.
• Improved EMC behaviour.

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