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TDA9605H/N1 Audio processor with head amplifier for VHS hi-fi Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
TDA9605H/N1 Datasheet PDF : TDA9605H/N1 pdf   
TDA9605H image

The TDA9605H is a single-chip device in a small package that contains all the required functions, including the head amplifier, to realize the audio FM hi-fi stereo system in a VHS video recorder (see Fig.1). The device is adjustment free by use of an integrated auto-calibration system.
Extensive signal select functions are offered to support pay-TV decoding and video recorder feature modes. The high performance and functionality of the TDA9605H comprises world-wide system and application requirements for NTSC, PAL, SECAM and multi-standard video recorders from basic up to high-end models.

• All functions controlled via the serial 2-wire I2C-bus
• Integrated standby modes for low power consumption
• Audio FM head amplifier:
– Programmable recording current
– Programmable playback amplification
– Fast record-mute mode control input.
• Hi-fi signal processing:
– Adjustment free
– High performance
– Low distortion switching noise suppressor
– NTSC and PAL (SECAM) system.
• Linear audio input:
– Programmable (playback) level.
• 5 stereo inputs and additional mono Second Audio Program (SAP) input
• 2 stereo outputs (line and decoder) with independent output select function
• RF converter output with overload-protection AGC
• Integrated output power muting
• Audio level meter output
• Extensive input and output select function
• Full support of video recorder feature modes.

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