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AM6012D 12-Bit multiplying D/A converter Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
AM6012D Datasheet PDF : AM6012D pdf   
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The AM6012 12-bit multiplying Digital-to-Analog converter provides high-speed and 0.025% differential nonlinearity over its full commercial temperature range.
The D/A converter uses a 3-bit segment generator for the MSBs in conjunction with a 9-bit R-2R diffused resistor ladder to provide 12-bit resolution without costly trimming processes. This technique guarantees a very uniform step size (up to ± LSB from the ideal), monotonicity to 12 bits and integral nonlinearity to 0.05% at its differential current outputs.
The dual complementary outputs of the AM6012 increase its versatility, and effectively double the peak-to-peak output swing. Digital inputs, in addition, can be configured to accept all popular logic families.
While the device requires a reference input of 1mA for a 4mA full-scale current, operation is nearly independent of power supply voltage shifts. The power supply rejection ratio is ±0.001% FS/% ∆V. The devices will work from +5, -12V to ±18V rails, with as low as 230mW power consumption typical.

• 12-bit resolution
• Accurate to within ±0.05%
• Monotonic over temperature
• Fast settling time, 250ns typical
• Trimless design for low cost
• Differential current outputs
• High-speed multiplying capability
• Full-scale current, 4mA (with 1mA reference)
• High output compliance voltage, -5 to +10V
• Low power consumption, 230mW

• CRT displays, computer graphics
• Robotics and machine tools
• Automatic test equipment
• Programmable power supplies
• CAD/CAM systems
• Data acquisition and control systems
• Analog-to-digital converter systems

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