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74F538 Datasheet PDF - Philips Electronics

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74F538 1-of-8 decoder (3-State) Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
74F538 Datasheet PDF : 74F538 pdf   
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The 74F538 decoder/demultiplexer accepts three address (A0 - A2) input signals and decodes them to select one of eight mutually exclusive outputs. A Polarity control (P) input determines whether the outputs are active Low or active High. The 74F538 has 3-State outputs, and a High signal on the Output Enables (OEn) inputs will force all outputs to the high impedance state. Two active High (E2, E3) and two active Low (E0, E1) inputs are available for easy expansion to 1-of-32 decoding with four packages, or for data demultiplexing to 1-of-8 or 1-of-16 destinations.


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