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Part NumberAGQ20006X Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic
DescriptionHigh capacity 2 Amp, Flat and Compact package - GQ RELAYS (AGQ)
AGQ20006X Datasheet PDF : AGQ20006X pdf   
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1. High capacity: 2 A
2. Compact flat body saves space With a small footprint of
   10.6 mm (L) × 7.2 mm (W) .417 inch (L) × .283 inch (W) for space savings,
   it also has a very short height of 5.2 mm .205 inch. (Standard PC board type.)
3. High sensitivity single side stable type (Nominal operating power: 100mW) is available
4. Outstanding surge resistance.
   Surge breakdown voltage between
   contacts and coil: 2,500 V 2×10 µs (Telcordia) Surge breakdown voltage between
   open contacts: 1,500 V 10×160 µs (FCC part 68)
5. The use of twin crossbar contacts ensures high contact reliability. AgPd contact is used
   because of its good sulfide resistance. Adopting low gas molding material.
   Coil assembly molding technology which avoids generating volatile gas from coil.
6. Increased packaging density Due to highly efficient magnetic circuit design, leakage flux is
   reduced and changes in electrical characteristics from components being mounted
   close-together are minimized. This all means a packaging density higher than ever before.
7. Nominal operating power: 140 mW
8. Outstanding vibration and shock resistance.
   Functional shock resistance: 750 m/s2
   Destructive shock resistance: 1,000 m/s2
   Functional vibration resistance: 10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 3.3 mm .130 inch)
   Destructive vibration resistance: 10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 5 mm .197 inch)
9. Sealed construction allows automatic washing.

1. Telephone switchboard
2. Telecommunications equipment
3. Security
4. Measurement equipment
5. Consumer electronic and audio visual equipment

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