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Part NumberPM8621 PMC-Sierra
PMC-Sierra PMC-Sierra
Description8G Narrowband Switch Element
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The PM8621 NSE-8G is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit packaged in a 480 ball UBGA that performs DS0 and above granularity space switching on 12 SBI336 streams carried as serial SBI336S in 8B/10B coding over LVDS at 777.6 Mbit/s. The NSE-8G also performs VT1.5/VT2 and above granularity switching on 12 STS-12/STM-4 SONET/SDH streams, carried as Serial TelecomBus signals in 8B/10B coding over LVDS at 777.6 Mbit/s.

The Narrowband Switch Element 8G (NSE-8G):
•  Implements a Scaleable Bandwidth Interconnect (SBI™) DS0 granularity Space switch.
•  Implements a SONET/SDH VT1.5/VT2/TU11/TU12 granularity Space switch for the serial 777.6 MHz LVDS TelecomBus.
•  With an allied PM8610 SBS or PM8611 SBS-lite device, implements a DS0 granularity Memory-Space-Memory switch.
•  Supports 12 STS-12 equivalent serial ports via 777.6 MHz, 8B/10B encoded LVDS links (each port can be either Serial TeleCombus or Serial SBI336S)
•  When configured for SBI mode, switches DS0 or N*DS0 for all T1 and E1 tributaries and aggregate columns for switching T1, E1, TVT1.5, TVT2, DS3 and E3 tributaries.
•  When configured for the serial 777.6 MHz TelecomBus interface, switches any SONET/SDH virtual tributary (VT) or tributary unit (TU) up to STS-1.
•  Supports switching of arbitrary non-standard octet aggregates.
•  Supports unicast, multicast, and broadcast for all switching modes.
•  Provides 8 Gbit/s (96,768 DS0s, 4.032 T1s/VT1.5s, 3,024 E1s/VT2s, 144 DS3s/E3s) switching.
•  Works with SBS devices that support up to four 19.44 MHz SBI or one 77.76 MHz SBI336 bus that communicates with PMC-Sierra’s SBI device family. Alternatively, the SBS and SBS-lite devices support up to four 19.44 MHz STS-3 TelecomBuses or one 77.76 MHz STS-12 TelecomBus for connection with PMC-Sierra’s SPECTRA family of devices.
•  Can be combined in applications with PMC-Sierra’s CHESS™ chip set devices (PM5374 TSE and PM5307 TBS).
•  Supports a microprocessor interface used to configure/control the NSE and make DS0-granularity switch settings.
•  Supports clean error checked 8 Mbit/s full-duplex, in-band communications channels from its attached microprocessor to the attached microprocessors of each of the 12 attached SBS336S devices. This channel is used to initialize and control the SBSs, or other such devices, and to implement call-establishment set-up changes.
•  Supports JTAG for all non-LVDS signals.
•  Requires dual power supplies at 1.8V and 3.3V.
•  Packaged as a 480 ball UBGA.
•  In conjunction with the SBS or SBS-lite, supports “1+1” and “1:N” fabric redundancy.

The PM8621 Narrowband Switch Element 8G (NSE-8G) supports a variety of flexible Layer 1/Layer 2 architectures in combination with the following PMC-Sierra devices:
•  PM8610 SBS and PM8611 SBS-lite (SBI Serializer and Memory switching stage).
•  SBI bus devices (TEMUX™/TEMAP, FREEDM devices, S/UNI®-IMA devices, AAL1gator™ devices and other future devices).
•  CHESS™ chip set devices (PM5374 TSE, PM5307 TBS, PM5315 SPECTRA™-2488, and PM7390 S/UNI®-MACH48).
These architectures include:
•  T1/E1 SONET ADMs.
•  TDM ASAP applications.
•  PHY cards with DS0 (and above) level switching.
•  PSTN replacement switching cores, as part of any-service-any-port applications, and
•  Voice Gateways.

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