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NC7SP05 TinyLogic® ULP Inverter (Open Drain Output) ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
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NC7SP05 Datasheet PDF : NC7SP05 pdf   
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General Description
The NC7SP05 is a single inverter with open drain output from Fairchild’s Ultra Low Power (ULP) series of TinyLogic®. Ideal for applications where battery life is critical, this product is designed for ultra low power consumption within the VCC operating range of 0.9V to 3.6V VCC.

■ 0.9V to 3.6V VCC supply operation
■ 3.6V overvoltage tolerant I/O’s at VCC from 0.9V to 3.6V
■ tPD
    3.0 ns typ for 3.0V to 3.6V VCC
    4.0 ns typ for 2.3V to 2.7V VCC
    5.0 ns typ for 1.65V to 1.95V VCC
    6.0 ns typ for 1.40V to 1.60V VCC
    9.0 ns typ for 1.10V to 1.30V VCC
    24.0 ns typ for 0.90V VCC
■ Power-Off high impedance inputs and outputs
■ Static Drive (IOH/IOL)
    ±2.6 mA @ 3.00V VCC
    ±2.1 mA @ 2.30V VCC
    ±1.5 mA @ 1.65V VCC
    ±1.0 mA @ 1.40V VCC
    ±0.5 mA @ 1.10V VCC
    ±20 µA @ 0.9V VCC
■ Uses proprietary Quiet Series™ noise/EMI reduction circuitry
■ Ultra small MicroPak™ leadfree package
■ Ultra Low dynamic power


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