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NB2305AC1DTG 3.3 V Zero Delay Clock Buffer ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
NB2305AC1DTG Datasheet PDF : NB2305AC1DTG pdf   
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The NB2305A is a versatile, 3.3 V zero delay buffer designed to distribute high−speed clocks. It accepts one reference input and drives out five low−skew clocks. It is available in a 8 pin package.
The −1H version of the NB2305A operates at up to 133 MHz, and has higher drive than the −1 devices. All parts have on−chip PLL’s that lock to an input clock on the REF pin. The PLL feedback is on−chip and is obtained from the CLKOUT pad.
Multiple NB2305A devices can accept the same input clock and distribute it. In this case the skew between the outputs of the two devices is guaranteed to be less than 700 ps.
All outputs have less than 200 ps of cycle−to−cycle jitter. The input and output propagation delay is guaranteed to be less than 350 ps, and the output to output skew is guaranteed to be less than 250 ps.
The NB2305A is available in two different configurations, as shown in the ordering information table. The NB2305A1 is the base part. The NB2305Ax1H* is the high drive version of the −1 and its rise and fall times are much faster than −1 part.

• 15 MHz to 133 MHz Operating Range, Compatible with CPU and PCI Bus Frequencies
• Zero Input − Output Propagation Delay
• Multiple Low−Skew Outputs
• Output−Output Skew Less than 250 ps
• Device−Device Skew Less than 700 ps
• One Input Drives 5 Outputs
• Less than 200 ps Cycle−to−Cycle Jitter is Compatible with Pentium® Based Systems
• Available in 8 Pin, 150 mil SOIC Package and 8 Pin TSSOP 4.4 mm
• 3.3 V Operation, Advanced 0.35 μ CMOS Technology
• These are Pb−Free Devices

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