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MAC210A10FP Datasheet PDF - ON Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MAC210A10FP Triacs Silicon Bidirectional Thyristors ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
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MAC210A10FP Datasheet PDF : MAC210A10FP pdf   
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Designed primarily for full-wave ac control applications, such as light dimmers, motor controls, heating controls and power supplies; or wherever full-wave silicon gate controlled solid-state devices are needed. Triac type thyristors switch from a blocking to a conducting state for either polarity of applied main terminal voltage with positive or negative gate triggering.

•Blocking Voltage to 800 Volts
•All Diffused and Glass Passivated Junctions for Greater Parameter Uniformity and Stability
•Small, Rugged, Thermowatt Construction for Low Thermal Resistance, High Heat Dissipation and Durability
•Gate Triggering Guaranteed in Four Modes
• Indicates UL Registered — File #E69369
•Device Marking: Logo, Device Type, e.g., MAC210A8FP, Date Code

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