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LC709203FQH-04TWG_14 Datasheet PDF : LC709203FQH-04TWG_14 pdf     
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The LC709203F is an IC that measures the remaining power level of 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) batteries used for portable equipment etc.
This product reduces fuel gauge errors with a unique correction technology during measurement of battery temperature and voltage.
This technology has inherent high precision without the need for an external sense resistor.

■ High accuracy of remaining battery power measurements
■ Precision Voltage Measurement
■ No external sense resistor
■ Alert function
■ Interface
   ● I2C Interface (up to 400 kHz supported)
■ Low power consumption
■ Corresponding battery models for various battery electrode materials
■ Ports
   ● I2C communication pin : 2 (SDA, SCL)
   ● Battery temperature reading control pin : 1 (TSW)
   ● Analog voltage input pin for battery temperature : 1 (TSENSE)
   ● External alarm / Interrupt for Low-Battery warning : 1 (ALARMB)
   ● Power supply pin : 2 (VSS, VDD)
■ Package form
   ● WDFN8 34, 0.65P : Lead-free type
   ● WLCSP9, 1.601.76 : Lead-free type
● Wireless Handsets
● Smartphones / PDA devices
● MP3 players
● Digital cameras
● Portable Game Players
● USB-related devices

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