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LC709203FQH-02TWG Smart LiB Gauge Battery Fuel Gauge LSI for 1-Cell Lithium-ion (Li+) ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
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LC709203FQH-02TWG Datasheet PDF : LC709203FQH-02TWG pdf   
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LC709203F is a Fuel Gauge for a single lithium ion battery. It is part of our Smart LiB Gauge family of Fuel Gauges which measure the battery RSOC (Relative State Of Charge) using its unique algorithm called HG-CVR. The HG-CVR algorithm eliminates the use of a sense resistor and provides accurate RSOC information even under unstable conditions (e.g. changes of battery; temperature, loading, aging and self discharge). An accurate RSOC contributes to the operating time of portable devices.
LC709203F is available in two small packages realizing the industries smallest PCB footprint for the complete solution. It has minimal parameters to be set by the user enabling simple, quick setup and operation.

■ HG-CVR algorithm technology
   ● No external sense resistor
   ● 2.8% accuracy of RSOC
   ● Accurate RSOC of aging battery
   ● Automatic convergence of error
   ● Adjustment for the parasitic impedance around the battery
   ● Simple and Quick Setup
■ Low power consumption
   ● 3μA Operational mode
■ Precision Voltage measurement
   ● ±7.5mV
■ Precision Timer
   ● ±3.5%
■ Alerts for Low RSOC and / or Low Voltage
■ Temperature compensation
   ● Sense Thermistor input
   ● Via I2C
■ Detect Battery insertion
■ I2C Interface (up to 400 kHz supported)

● Wireless Handsets
● Smartphones / PDA devices
● MP3 players
● Digital cameras
● Portable Game Players
● USB-related devices

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