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DM74S157N Datasheet PDF - National ->Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
DM74S157N Quad 1 of 2 Line Data Selector/Multiplexers National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
Other PDF  no available.
DM74S157N Datasheet PDF : DM74S157N pdf   
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General Description
These data selectors/multiplexers contain inverters and drivers to supply full on-chip data selection to the four output gates. A separate strobe input is provided. A 4-bit word is selected from one of two sources and is routed to the four outputs. The S157 presents true data whereas the S158 presents inverted data to minimize propagation delay time.

■ Buffered inputs and outputs
■ Typical propagation time
   DM74S157 5 ns
   DM74S158 4 ns
■ Typical power dissipation
   DM74S157 250 mW
   DM74S158 195 mW
■ Expand any data input point
■ Multiplex dual data buses
■ Generate four functions of two variables (one variable is common)
■ Source programmable counters


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