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DAC0830 Datasheet PDF - National ->Texas Instruments

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DAC0830 8-Bit µP Compatible, Double-Buffered D to A Converters National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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DAC0830 Datasheet PDF : DAC0830 pdf   
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General Description
The DAC0830 is an advanced CMOS/Si-Cr 8-bit multiplying DAC designed to interface directly with the 8080, 8048, 8085, Z80®, and other popular microprocessors. A deposited silicon-chromium R-2R resistor ladder network divides the reference current and provides the circuit with excellent temperature tracking characteristics (0.05% of Full Scale Range maximum linearity error over temperature). The circuit uses CMOS current switches and control logic to achieve low power consumption and low output leakage current errors. Special circuitry provides TTL logic input volt age level compatibility.

■ Double-buffered, single-buffered or flow-through digital data inputs
■ Easy interchange and pin-compatible with 12-bit DAC1230 series
■ Direct interface to all popular microprocessors
■ Linearity specified with zero and full scale adjust only —NOT BEST STRAIGHT LINE FIT.
■ Works with±10V reference-full 4-quadrant multiplication
■ Can be used in the voltage switching mode
■ Logic inputs which meet TTL voltage level specs (1.4V logic threshold)
■ Operates “STAND ALONE” (without µP) if desired
■ Available in 20-pin small-outline or molded chip carrier package

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