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ADC0809CCV Datasheet PDF - National ->Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
ADC0809CCV 8-Bit µP Compatible A/D Converters with 8-Channel Multiplexer National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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ADC0809CCV Datasheet PDF : ADC0809CCV pdf   
ADC0809 image

General Description
The ADC0808, ADC0809 data acquisition component is a monolithic CMOS device with an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter, 8-channel multiplexer and microprocessor compatible control logic. The 8-bit A/D converter uses successive approximation as the conversion technique. The converter features a high impedance chopper stabilized comparator, a 256R voltage divider with analog switch tree and a successive approximation register. The 8-channel multiplexer can directly access any of 8-single-ended analog signals.

Easy interface to all microprocessors
Operates ratiometrically or with 5 VDC or analog span
adjusted voltage reference
No zero or full-scale adjust required
8-channel multiplexer with address logic
0V to 5V input range with single 5V power supply
Outputs meet TTL voltage level specifications
Standard hermetic or molded 28-pin DIP package
28-pin molded chip carrier package
ADC0808 equivalent to MM74C949
ADC0809 equivalent to MM74C949-1

Key Specifications
Resolution 8 Bits
Total Unadjusted Error ±1⁄2 LSB and ±1 LSB
Single Supply 5 VDC
Low Power 15 mW
Conversion Time 100 µs

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