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AQV234 Datasheet PDF - Matsushita Electric Works

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AQV234 PhotoMOS RELAYS HS (High Sensitivity) Type [1-Channel (Form A) Type] Nais
Matsushita Electric Works 
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AQV234 Datasheet PDF : AQV234 pdf   
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1. High sensitivity type
LED operate current: typical 0.31 mA
2. Low-level off state leakage current (Typical 1 µA at 400 V load voltage)
3. Eliminates the need for a power supply to drive the power MOSFET
4. Low thermal electromotive force (Approx. 1 µV)
5. Extremely low closed-circuit offset voltages to enable control of small analog signals without distortion
6. Eliminates the need for a counter electromotive force protection diode in the drive circuits on the input side
7. Stable on resistance to help simplify  circuit design
8. Surface-mount model available

1. High-speed inspection machines
   • Scanner
   • IC checker
   • Board tester
2. Telephone and data communication  equipment

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