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PBSS4160PAN Datasheet PDF - NXP Semiconductors.

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
PBSS4160PAN 60 V, 1 A NPN/NPN low VCEsat (BISS) transistor NXP
NXP Semiconductors. NXP
PBSS4160PAN Datasheet PDF : PBSS4160PAN pdf   
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General description
NPN/NPN low VCEsat Breakthrough In Small Signal (BISS) transistor in a leadless medium power DFN2020-6 (SOT1118) Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.
NPN/PNP complement: PBSS4160PANP. PNP/PNP complement: PBSS5160PAP.

Features and benefits
• Very low collector-emitter saturation voltage VCEsat
• High collector current capability IC and ICM
• High collector current gain hFE at high IC
• Reduced Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) requirements
• High energy efficiency due to less heat generation
• AEC-Q101 qualified

• Load switch
• Battery-driven devices
• Power management
• Charging circuits
• Power switches (e.g. motors, fans)


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