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NTE4900 Datasheet PDF - NTE Electronics

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
NTE4900 Surge Clamping, Overvoltage Transient Suppressor, Unidirectional NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
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NTE4900 Datasheet PDF : NTE4900 pdf   
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The NTE4900 is a zener overvoltage transient suppressor in an axial lead type package designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage, high energy transients. This device has excellent clamping capability, high surge capability, low zener impedance, and fast response time making the NTE4900 ideal for use in communication systems, numerical controls, process controls, medical equipment, business machines, power supplies and many other industrial/consumer applications, to protect CMOS, MOS and Bipolar integrated circuits.

• Peak Power: 1500W @ 1.0ms
• Maximum Clamp Voltage @ Peak Pulse Current
• Low Leakage: < 5.0µA Above 10V


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