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2N4338 Datasheet PDF - New Jersey Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
2N4338 N-Channel JFETs NJSEMI
New Jersey Semiconductor NJSEMI
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2N4338 Datasheet PDF : 2N4338 pdf   
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The 2N4338/4339/4340/4341 n-channel JFETs are designed for sensitive amplifier stages at low- to mid-frequencies. Low cut-off voltages accommodate low-level power supplies and low leakage for improved system accuracy.
The TO-206AA (TO-18) package is hermetically sealed and suitable for military processing (see Military Information). For similar products in TO-226AA (TO-92) and TO-236 (SOT-23) packages, see the J/SST201 series data sheet.

● Low Cutoff Voltage: 2N4338 <1 V
● High Input Impedance
● Very Low Noise
● High Gain: AV = 80 @ 20 μA

● High-Gain, Low-Noise Amplifiers
● Low-Current, Low-Voltage Battery-Powered Amplifiers
● Infrared Detector Amplifiers
● Ultrahigh Input Impedance Pre-Amplifiers

● Full Performance from Low-Voltage Power Supply: Down to 1 V
● Low Signal Loss/System Error
● High System Sensitivity
● High-Quality Low-Level Signal Amplification


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